diy // tassel garland

diy_tasselgarlandHere again another very fast, easy and simple DIY. Made only with some tissue paper and thread!

tasseldiy_suppliesWhat do you need? Just: one or two sheets of tissue paper, any kind of string/thread, and a pair of scissors.

tasseldiy_howitismadeTo illustrate how to make a tassel, I made quite a big one. To start, fold one or two pieces of large sheet(s) of tissue paper in half, until you have 8 layers of paper. After that, follow these six steps!

Step 1: Cut strokes of paper. Make sure to leave some spare room on the top of the strokes.

Step 2: Open the folded tissue paper.

Step 3: Fold the ‘non’cut middle section of the stroked paper twice.

Step 4 and step 5: Twirl until you can make a loop-whole.

Step 6: Use the thread to tie everything together.

See here the result!



How often do I make these tassels! They are super fast and easy to make: therefore lovely to make garlands with. This garland is hanging in my hallway. I have added some dried flowers to match my spring mood.

tasseldiy3 tasseldiy2 tasselsdiy1

I hope you’ll give it a try someday!


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