diy // ‘come on in’ garland


Come on in, darling! That’s a way to welcome your family and friends into your home.

After painting the hallway in a lilac-grey shade, I wanted to add a little special something  to make my guests feel welcome. It turned out to be a garland – no real surprise so far – with the text “come on in”. I love making different kinds of garlands from paper and this time I felt like trying a new technique: paper cutting.


In order to make this garland you’ll need: golden cart board sheets (you can make 4 letters from 1 sheet), split pins, a pair of scissors, a pencil, a ruler, some nice thread, a round shaped object (I used a large roll of tape), a stanley knife, washi-tape. And (not included in the picture) a cutting mat or some other surface for cutting.


The making process is slightly more difficult than other DIY ‘s on my blog, because of the cutting. Nevertheless, it is totally doable! Just give it a try and you’ll notice that it becomes easier along the way.

1: Use a round object to make circles on the back of the golden sheet of cart board. You need to draw 10 circles: 8 for the letters and 2 as word dividers.

2: Measure the circle and determine where you want the ends of the circles to be. The diameter of my round object (the tape) was 10 cm and I have made the ends between 8 cm and 9.5 cm. The wide of the ends is 3 cm and the height is 1.5 cm, as you can see in the picture.

3 & 4 & 5: Cut out all the circles and make the end of the ends (I hope this isn’t confusing) round.

6: Print out the letters of the text. My letters are in the font of Helvetica with seize 288. Cut the letters out roughly and stick them to the golden circles with washi-tape.

7: Now you are ready to cut! Be sure you’re using a cutting mat or something that is appropriate for cutting. Whenever your stanley knife is blunt, change the knife. It makes the cutting way more easy. I changed it about three times.

8: When you’ve cut the letter, remove the washi-tape and the print. When you have done this with all the 8 letters, the first part is finished!


Once all the letters are ready, use the split pins to attach all the elements to each other.

9: Make a little cross cut in the ends of the garland.

10: Push a split pin through two letters…

11: … and open the split pin at the back of the garland.

12:  Attach a piece of thread to the beginning and end of the garland. Use something sharp, like a pair of scissors or a pen, to push the thread through the little cross cut.

Now you have a lovely garland to welcome all your friends into your house!



Do you have a special something in your hallway to welcome your guests? And would you give this garland a try? I’m very curious how your versions will look like!


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