easter // eggfest diy



Cheer you easter breakfest up with some new funny little friends!

In my search for easy, fun and unique egg decoration, I came across some floral washi-tape and feathers. This is how my little friends are born!eggfest-suppliesWhat do you need to make these fellas? Eggs (if you care, please use free-range and organic ones), feathers in bright colors, a permanent marker, and washi-tape with a floral pattern. Once you have collected everything, you are just a couple of minutes away from the end result. The egg decoration is really easy to make and I suggest to have fun with it. You can, for example, draw faces on the eggs of people you know. Here are the steps I took to make the egg decoration.Β eggfestdiy1eggfestdiy3 eggfestdiy4


Step 1: use the permanent marker to draw the faces on the eggs

Step 2: make a headband with the washi-tape

Step 3: stick the feathers to the back of the head with the washi-tape and draw some hairs with the marker.





Have a lovely easter weekend and a happy eggfest!signature

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