surroundings // art around the house part 2


About two weeks ago I blogged in “art around my house” about art-pieces I’ve surrounded myself with. Today I’d love to share four more works of art with you in part 2!


The first time I saw this work of art by Aline Thomassen, it made me feel quite emotional. Tears underneath eyes that don’t reveal any sadness or hurt. It looked like a reflection of how many people hide or mask their real feelings. After I’ve looked at it for a couple of years, my interpretation has changed. Today I think this painting represents the strength in people to move on after horrible, dreary, and miserable events. It’s so interesting how works of art make different interpretations possible, even in one person.

schelfhout My boyfriend loves to look around for little art-treasures. Where I go to markets and triftshops, he likes to look at auctions. This find is made by the Dutch artist Lodewijk Schelfhout.

beadingartworkThis beautiful beaded work of art is made by the German artist Sabine Boehl. It’s a piece that I’m borrowing for a while and I’m so happy to see it every day! The bead embroidery, the form, the pattern, and the colours are amazing and it’s so beautifully made. I’ve always admired the aesthetics of ancient and North-African mosaic, which is a great source of inspiration for Sabine Boehl’s work.

butterfliesThis amazing bell-jar with butterflies was a birthday gift for my boyfriend from friends and family. The butterflies are extraordinary and come from all over the world. It made such an awesome gift!


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