diy // two christmas tree ornaments


Everywhere in my street, people have turned their christmas lights on. It looks so festive and cosy as the sun goes down! For me, putting up a christmas tree is a feast of its own: unwrapping all the ornaments, the christmas lights, the garlands, all the pretty colours, shapes glitters and sparks!

Making your own tree ornaments is a lot of fun and brings a personal touch to your tree. Here are two super easy diy ideas for making your very own Christmas tree ornaments!


To make these clay star ornaments you’ll need: an oven, oven bake clay (fimo), rolling pin, a black marker, a star shape cookie cutter, a straw, wool thread.

1. Roll out the clay into a thin, even sheet. 2. Use the star shape cookie cutter to cut out stars. 3. Use a straw to make a little hole on the tops of the stars.  4. Bake the clay in the oven. I had to bake them for 30 minutes on 120 degrees Celsius, but to sure, it’s better to follow the instructions on the back of the clay package. 5. Let the stars cool down and draw anything on it you love: it’s your design! 6. Make a little hanger with the wool thread and it’s ready to hang!

paper_feather_ornaments featherFor this paper feather ornament you’ll need: a scissor, golden cardboard, wool thread.

1. Cut the cardboard in the shape of a feather. 2. Fold the feather in two. 3. Cut little notches on both sides. 4. Make a hanger with the wool tread and there you’ll have a new ornament!


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