surroundings // art around the house part 1


- A house without art is a house without a soul -

I don’t know if this is a common saying, but I can imagine others have said it before. Your surroundings become a lot more interesting and lovely when you fill your living space with works of art that you love.

It doesn’t really matter where you find these pieces of art. They can be self-made, posters of masterpieces you like, works by artists, heritages from your grandparents, or findings from trift shops – it all depends on personal taste. There also doesn’t exist a real definition of what art is, so whatever you love and call art, you may consider art!

Today I wanted to share some of the works of art I am surrounded with. I’m kind of a lover of an eclectic mix!

bird-from-wivenhoeI  found this drawing of a bird in a cute little trift shop in the small village Wivenhoe, where I visited a dear friend of mine. It made a lovely souvenir!

marjolein_rothman1 I consider myself a very lucky girl, since I can sometimes borrow beautiful pieces of art from my family. I guess the love for art runs through our genes! This painting is made by the Dutch artist Marjolein Rothman. Her work is often historically themed. This work shows part of the uniform of the last Russian Tsar Nicholas.

triftingfinds Both these little works have something to do with butterflies, so I really like that they hang together. The left one is made by an old lady living in Mirano (in Italy), who dried the edelweiss and the butterfly herself. During a walk through Mirano, I saw this old lady sitting in a chair in front of her house with the most funny personal stuff she tried to sell. The other little work comes from the Noordermarkt – a well-known market in Amsterdam where you can find the most beautiful vintage treasures! It is made from butterfly wings.

h.vlugtI was able to buy this graphical work of Harald Vlugt at the age of 17, thanks to a wonderful initiative of Museum het Domein where, once in every two year, children can buy a work of art. It’s such a brilliant idea! I’m still very happy with the choice I made.

What kind of works of art have you surrounded yourself with?


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