diy // garland for the holidays


One thing I absolutely love to do, is making garlands. Most people only hang them up if there is something to celebrate. However, I believe there doesn’t have to be a specific reason for garlands: they can cheer up every single place every day!

Today I made a garland with some sparkles, bells and shades of red and pink. Perfect for the holiday season!


To make this garland, you need a large needle, wool with a metallic thread, little felt balls, small bells, and small round beads. The rest is very simple: just string everything together in a pattern that you like, for as long as you like the garland to be! I played a little with the colours and the amounts of beads because I like the result to be a bit messy and fun.


See here the result! I also made a similar one for the christmas tree. Curious to see what that will look like!

diy_holidays_garland_result2  diy_holidays_garland_result3signature

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